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Understanding the NET PROMOTER SYSTEM®

Net Promoter System is a methodology created by Fred Reichheld in USA to mesure the degree of users loyalty to any kind of business. It is more than loyalty metric to us, it a system of information that allows companies to know exactly what their costumeres value, or not, and so conquer each time more loyal costumers.

Understanding the NET PROMOTER SYSTEM®

In a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you indicate our company to a friend or family member?

NPS Dashboard

NPS Dashboard

In our dashboard you can already see in a very objective way, both your indicators of performance (NPS, Touchpoints and troubleshooting) and the segmentadet search results (age, gender, time, class, etc).

All organized in a way that allows a previous analysis of the reasons that led the costumers to turn into promoters, or detractors of your brand.

Besides that you can personalize your dashboard according to your viewing preferences.

NPS for collaborators

The NPS to collaborators is tool that will allow the manager to understand the engagement rate of your colaboratos and your brand. A quick and safe (confidential) research to help create teams of high performance, focused in delivering the best experience to the costumer.

To deliver more information about the team, we included the "5 challenges of the teams" methodology elaborated by Patrick Lencioni. The 5 challenge report ally to information coming from eNPS will lead your team to another delivery level.

NPS for collaborators


Touchpoints are stages of the "Costumer's Journey" where interaction whithin collaborators exist and can, depending on the lived experience, become a big source of client promoters or a real motive to leave your company.

Monitor stages of the process easing the understanding of "why" on the costumer's grade and help on the elaboration of plans of action.

In our platform you can configure touchpoints according to your costumer's journey and obtain relevant information through graphics and exclusive reports.


Problems generate detractors...unless you solve them! But as important as solving the problems, the way the problem is treated has a big impact on your costumer's engagement.

WeHelp allows tha inclusion of this stage in your research and with it you will be able to understand:

  • The amout of costumer's that report problems with your brand;
  • The percentage of problems solved;
  • Costumer's fulfillment with conducting problem solving.

You are not alone,
our team is always ready to help you.

In cooperation with your manager, as soon as we identify a performance issue in your company, we'll project the best solution to solve it, treating the causes with focus in consistant results.

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No inicial need of creditcard.